Experienced Photographer for Hire in Winnipeg

Photography Winnipeg

Life is meant to be experienced, and with each new experience, memories are created. At Photography Winnipeg, I can help you bring those memories to life. My name is Mike McComb, and I’m a photographer for hire in Winnipeg. 

Special Events

Do you need a wedding photographer? Would you like someone to pictorially document your baby’s christening? Can your band’s website use some pictures of a few events to draw in customers? I can help you create beautiful, artistic photos for whatever event you need. 

The lighting, background and details all make a difference in how impactful your pictures look, and I put in the work to make sure every photo of your event is as stunning as an award-winning photograph. I have the skills and ability to pick out the best moments to photograph at your event so each photo will fully capture the symbolism, mood or significance of the occasion.  


Selling and renting a home can be frustrating, especially if many people aren’t interested in the location. My location photography services will show your home or property to potential buyers or renters in a way that immediately interests them. For example, I can help you design the layout of the furniture and personal items to create a photo that shows your property’s best assets and draws viewers in. 

For business owners, I can help you show customers your business in a way that accurately depicts the feel you want to create. Is your restaurant a cute little café, sophisticated bar or family-friendly diner? With my experienced photography services, your customers will know before they ever step through the door. 


Do you need baby pictures, graduation announcements or a photo of your family reunion? Portrait photos are highly requested photography services that I specialize in so you can remember your family and friends for decades to come.

For an experienced photographer for hire in Winnipeg, call or text me at (204) 770-6440, email photographywinnipeg@outlook.com or fill out my contact form.


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